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Merganser Ducklings

I love it when Mama Merganser parades her little ones past our house on the Alsea River!  One or two always seem to hitch a ride on her back.

Mama merganser with 7 chicks hitching ride
Mama merganser with 7 chicks hitching ride

At least until she dives.  If they’re going to get stronger, they’ve got to do it on their own!

Mom Merganser Fishing with 16 Ducklings

Kudos to this mama merganser!  I counted at least 16 babies with her.  I can’t imagine keeping up with this many kids at once.  I’ve seen the Common Merganser mom defending her chicks though.  She is not to be reckond with!

[youtube https://youtu.be/7ADPSd6tFMM]

They all gather when she gives a soft quack.

16 common merganser ducklings
I count 16 Common Merganser babies

And she does it all with style; not a hair out of place.  🙂

merganser mom with ducklings
Common Merganser mom with ducklings

The ducklings were having trouble fighting the current in the fast water so Mama took them across the rocks – in single file.

merganser ducklings
Marching across the rocks to get past the whitewater

Hooded Merganser Chicks

We were eating dinner, staring out the window at the Alsea River, as usual tonight when the wildlife alarm sounded.

“Duck!  Duck!  Duck with babies!”

Merganser Mom Keeps Watch
Merganser Mom Keeps Watch

Mama Merganser is always looking ahead to watch for danger while the kids eat.

Hooded Merganser Mom with 5 Chicks
Hooded Merganser Mom with 5 Chicks

She had 5 chicks with her.  I guess the proper term for baby mergansers is ducklings since a merganser is a duck.

Merganser Chick with Fish
Merganser Chick with Fish

I was focused on the water’s edge so the duckling in the foreground is a little out of focus.

But if you click on the photo to enlarge it, and then zoom in on that one in the foreground, you can see that he’s caught himself a big ole’ fishy!