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Apple Tree Feeding Station for Wildlife

Our Alsea River neighbors have told us about a cougar in the area.  They stalk elk and deer; which we see lots of.  Some have actually seen the cougar at dusk or dawn as they drive.

We are generally not driving at that time of day so we were very excited to catch this one wandering past our game camera like he owned the place.

I had no idea our apple tree would be a feeding station for so much wildlife!  We eat what is edible.  Deer and elk eat what they can reach or off the ground.  Mama bear sends cubs up the tree to eat and drop some for her.  Cougars stalk deer and elk at the apple tree feeding station?

We haven’t found a kill under our apple tree….yet.

[youtube http://youtu.be/uN7apu5YDRA]

elk smelling apple on tree
This one smells good

Weather Outside is Frightful

A good time to watch from inside a warm home.

Muddy Alsea River
December Driftwood on the Alsea River

There is a steady stream (no pun intended) of trees and driftwood on the Alsea today.  It’s almost like it’s intentional.  I did see one freshly cut tree with all its branches and the cut was showing above the water.

Fortunately, the drift-boaters know to stay off the river on days like this.

Snowing Hard All Morning
Snowing Hard All Morning

 We had planned on going into town today.  But our friends let us off the hook.

Deer Feeding Across the Driveway
Deer Feeding Across the Driveway

So we watched wildlife.

Alsea River Snowman
Alsea River Snowman

played in the snow…

Elk Running
Reindeer (or Elk) Running

and watched more wildlife.

The elk were funny to watch.  Something spooked them and the first ones stopped.  The rest ’bout rear-ended them before they got stopped.

Back the other way
Back the other way

Half of them started running back from where they’d come.

Wondering or Wandering?
Wondering or Wandering?

When they saw the others weren’t following, they turned back around and rejoined them.

I’m SO grateful for the blessing of a warm home!  And the additional blessing of such a beautiful view!!!