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Tillicum Beach in September

Here are my beach-finds for today:

Pacific Fission Worm Rock
Pacific Fission Worm Rock

When I saw this on the beach I immediately thought “coral”.  But I know that coral only lives in warm water.  The ocean stays a pretty consistent 50F year-round.  That ain’t “warm”.

So I thought I’d better do some research before embarrassing myself by saying this must have come over with the Japanese Tsunami.  I found some references to the Pacific Fission Worm and the rocks they create.  That HAS to be what this is.  Interesting…this is like a family descendancy chart of one sea worm 🙂

BTW: I used muriatic acid to verify the “rock” is made of calcium carbonate.

Tillicum Coyote - on the beach
Tillicum Coyote – on the beach

Ah Ha!  I caught Wylie!  We’ve had reports of a coyote on Tillicum Beach for a week or two.  I went out around 7am this morning and finally saw him.  One camper said he “saw a fox on the beach” and he said, “I’m sure it was a fox because I have them all around where I live”.  But, when I told him about the coyote sightings, he acknowledged that “he was awful big for a fox.”

Tillicum Coyote - shying away
Tillicum Coyote – shying away

One woman reported that “a coyote was chasing her small dogs and a man helped chase him away” while she got her dogs back on the leash.  There were no dogs around this morning and he started walking back up to the bluff as I got closer to him.  He looks healthy.  I wonder how many small dogs he eats a day? :-}

Cloudy Blue Moonrise

Beautiful sunset tonight from Tillicum Beach Campground!

Sunset Waves
Sunset Waves

When I saw the few clouds on the eastern horizon I thought the moonrise would be a bust.  The sun turned them a light pink.

Cloudy MoonRise
Cloudy MoonRise

But they just made it purdier 🙂

Maybe the theory about crazy things happening on a full moon is right.  We’ve seen some crazy things today.

One camper left their dog tied to a tree when they left.  We didn’t have their phone number so all we could do is hold onto her and hope they’d return.  They “noticed” when they got to Eugene and got back to Tillicum Campground 5 hours later.  She was a sweet dog.  Several people offered to take her.

When the hosts were discussing where the dog could spend the night, if needed, I learned that there have been 2 instances where campers left their dogs tied up outside over night and got attacked by a racoon.  They also left the dog food and water out.  DUH!  Don’t leave food outside your car or RV!

There was a lady walking her 2 small dogs on the beach this evening.  She was up by the creek.  A coyote was coming down the edge of the creek and started towards her dogs.  She got them on leash quickly and a man stepped in to help chase off the coyote while she got away.  I was still watching for the moon so I didn’t notice what was going on.  I heard about this when I got back to the campground.  Poor lady was shaking!  We had reports of coyotes in the campground last year.

Even though we are right on Hwy 101, we ARE in a forest.  Please, act like you are camping.