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Elk Chasing 2 Coyotes

About a week ago I saw this elk calf limping behind the rest of the herd.  She was keeping up but just barely.

elk calf
Injured Elk Calf

This morning I noticed a cow elk acting eradictly.  I couldn’t see the rest of the herd clearly as most of them were behind some trees.  I’m not sure if this was the herd with the injured calf or not.  But they were all looking across the field at something and the cow would charge down the hill into the field and then turn and walk back to the herd.  As I watched I could see 2 coyotes trying to get close to the herd.  I wonder if they are stalking the injured calf?

I couldn’t believe I had time to get the chase on video!  If you turn the sound way up you can hear, not only the dogs next door, but an elk from the herd calling her praise to the defender.  (I’m only guessing.  I’m not an Elk Whisperer.)

[youtube http://youtu.be/z2HygvFGb00]

Wiley Coyote Goes to Town

We were driving south on Highway 101 through Yachats yesterday.  As we drove past the Adobe Resort I saw this coyote standing in the middle of the trees.

coyote in yachats oregon
On the Adobe Resort property

Don quickly flipped a U’y to get a photo.  A subaru also stopped to watch but they had barking dogs in their car.

coyote in yachats oregon
Wanting to cross Highway 101 in Yachats

Wiley looks both ways and waits to cross Highway 101.

coyote in yachats oregon
Healthy-looking coyote

But he doesn’t like the attention or the barking dogs.

coyote in yachats oregon
Crow thinks he chased Wiley away

I think I heard the crow say, “Yeah!  You better run!”