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Cape Perpetua Scenic Overlook

The added benefit to friends visiting is you get to renew your amateur Interpretive license.

We took our friends to the highest point on the Oregon Coast – Cape Perpetua Scenic Overlook.

Cape Perpetua Scenic Area
Beautiful sky accentuates the overlook

Even if you can’t walk very far there’s a beautiful area to see from a bench; just 30 feet from the parking lot.  Parking requires a fee or day use pass.  Seniors can use your America the Beautiful or Golden pass by displaying it on your dashboard.

Overlooking Devils Churn
Overlooking Devils Churn

The more mobile patrons reported stunning views around the corner at the old stone shelter.  But from here you can look straight down to the Devil’s Churn area.  Yes, that zig-zag trail is a steep one.  (If you can’t stand the height you get your interpretive guide to take a photo to look at from your couch afterwards.)  🙂

Cape Perpetua Scenic Overlook
Looking south from 800′

From here you can see the Visitor’s Center and Cook’s Chasm south of Devil’s Churn.

Read more about Cape Perpetua Campground and tidepools here:


Whale Watching Spoken Here

On the Oregon coast, if it’s not raining, you’d better be outside enjoying it; regardless of what color the sky is.

Don and Bill had some work to do in Cape Perpetua Campground.  I stole away to enjoy the ocean for a little bit.

Whale Watching volunteers are out all along the Oregon coast this week.

Just look for the Whale Watching Spoken Here signs.  This one is at Cook’s Chasm.

Whale Watching Spoken Here
Whale Watching Spoken Here

I get bored unless I can see the whales up close so I walked down the paved pathway to get a closer look at the Spouting Horn.

Cooks Chasm Trail To Spouting Horn
Cooks Chasm Trail To Spouting Horn

There was a couple who spent a lot of time on that rock.  That’s a little too close to the action for me.

Cook's Chasm
Cook’s Chasm is like a bathtub

Watching the ocean heave all that water into the chasm, push out through the horn with a woosh, and splash onto the rocks with a boom is thrilling at a distance.

Cook's Chasm Cream
Like a bowl full of cream

When the water smoothed out you could see all the logs in there; dangerously beautiful.

Spouting Horn

Another couple came walking up the stairway.  Well, he came walking up while she kept turning around and watching.

When she finally got up to where I was I told her, “It’s hard to walk away isn’t it?”  She said that he wants to walk and she could just watch this all day long.  It really is hard to walk away!