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Find what you’re looking for – and then some

A long, long, time ago I found myself married to a stark-raving-psycho and a friend said in a loving way, “I’ve always believed that we get what we deserve.”  I told him, THANKS!  Then he clarified by saying “we find what we are looking for”.

So I started believing more in myself and looking for the beauty in everything.  Now I have the perfect husband and I find even more beauty than I expect.

Spider Webs in Alder Tree
Spider Webs in Alder Tree

I thought the pale green moss was pretty as the morning sunlight lit it up.  But I didn’t see the delicate work of the spiders until I looked closer at the larger image.  That was unexpected (Weekly Photo Challenge).

20 degrees on the Alsea River
20 degrees on the Alsea River

The weather turned cold this week!

Frosty Fern
Frosty Fern

We are truly blessed to have a warm home to sleep in!

Frosty Apple Tree
Frosty Apple Tree

Sometimes it’s easier to appreciate beauty when we are comfortable.   But we can also take everything for granted.  I have found that the more grateful I am for my blessings, the more blessings I realize I have.  (And, on a religious note, if I always look toward Christ it’s like wearing rose-colored glasses.)

I don’t think we always “get what we deserve” but I do think we find what we are looking for.  So….what do you want to find today?

Elk Activity Days

She must be the Activity Days leader.

elk nursing
Lunch Time

Seeing the elk lying on this grassy hill is sometimes an optical illusion.  It’s hard to tell how far behind one elk is from another; so the size difference is not obvious.

elk cow and calf - size difference
Optical Illusion

You think texting while driving is hard – try snapping while driving!

It wasn’t as unsafe as it sounds.  The part of the road I was on didn’t have any driveways and I was going maybe 2 mph.  The top speed limit is 20mph.  As you can see, I still wasn’t any good at it.  I wasn’t sure if the standing elk was a calf until I got it on my computer and could enlarge it.  This is a calf, making a total of 6 in this herd.  She’s late for Activity Days.

Can you tell that Activity Days is on my mind?

I got to be the Activity Days leader in our Branch for the last year and a half.  Those 8 – 11 year old girls taught me so much.  They have such beautiful testimonies of Christ.  I am so fortunate to have gotten to know them.  I just got released and will receive new blessings as I serve in the Relief Society.  Every calling brings me closer to Christ in a different way.  I love that there are so many opportunities to serve in this church.  It makes it so much easier to live the gospel everyday.