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First Goose Chick!

I wonder if the first goose chick is an over-achiever?

canada goose couple with one chick
First Chick Sighting!

This little guy got to go out with mommy and daddy today.  I wonder if siblings are still in their eggs on this warm day?  The geese are headed back to the nest when they see the Great White Egret fishing up ahead.

Great White Egret and Mallard hen
Great White Egret and Mallard hen

So they guide their little one to their opposite side to put themselves between their chick and potential danger.

canada goose, great white egret, mallard
3 varieties of waterfowl co-exist

The chick – okay gosling – will be almost as big as Mom and Dad in just a couple months.

canada goose family
Canada Goose family heading home

We counted a possible 10 nests just from the heads popping up out of the tall grass in the marshes next to Eckman Lake on the Alsea River.

Nesting on Alsea River at Eckman Lake
Nesting on Alsea River at Eckman Lake

There’s a parking area on Hwy 34 where you can view the Canada Goose families at Eckman Lake.  Bring your binoculars and zooming camera to get a close look like these.  I’m sure I don’t need to say this but I will:  DO NOT walk through their nesting field as they will abandon their nests leaving the chicks vulnerable to predators.  And the parents will probably not return next year.

Canada Goose Family

This cute little Canada Goose family paddled by yesterday.

geese follow dad
Follow me

Dad leads the way over the rocks.

geese follow dad
Like this

Dad makes it look so easy!

geese follow dad
Here we go

Mom can’t push so she pulls ahead.

geese follow dad
Last one

Hhhmmm – these rocks are slipperier than they look!

geese follow dad
Hey!  Wait up!

This one finally made it and the 4th one took a different route.

camouflaged geese
Camouflaged Babies

Look how they blend into those river rocks.  They even still have a tinge of yellow left from their down that matches the color of the dried out moss on the rocks.

Dad goose is on the left.  He is bigger with a longer neck.