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Waldport to Newport Oregon Coast

Took a trip to Newport for some Walmart shopping yesterday.  What a beautiful day it was!

Seal Pups - Alsea Bay
No new pups yet

I had to check in on the harbor seals in the Alsea Bay.  I don’t see any new pups yet.

Alsea Bay Harbor Seal Colony
Alsea Bay Harbor Seal Colony

I think they usually give birth closer to the water but I wondered why this adult separated from the rest of the colony?  I’ll have to check on her again.

Diving Cormorant from Alsea Bay Bridge
Diving Cormorant from Alsea Bay Bridge

The Alsea Bay is so clear and pretty!  Looks like the fishermen have some competition.

Alsea Bay Bridge from north wayside
Alsea Bay Bridge from north wayside

Don likes to slow down on the bridge and push me out so I can take pix.  But I convinced him I’d walk from the north wayside this time.

Beaver Creek Boat Launch
Hwy 101 bridge at Ona Beach from Beaver Creek boat launch

Beaver Creek is popular, with our Oregon Coast campers, for canoeing and kayaking.

Beaver Creek Boat Launch
Access to the Beaver Creek State Natural Area

Check out this beautiful area: http://www.oregonstateparks.org/index.cfm?do=parkPage.dsp_parkPage&parkId=191

Christmas Camping

Christmas obligations are met and it’s time to go camping!  Our fun Christmas campers are starting to join us at Tillicum Campground!

Did you know that you can use your campground receipt or car pass in any of the Day Use areas and Waysides; whether State Parks or National Forest?  If your receipt is required on your site post, ask the Host for a Car Pass.

We stopped in to take some photos at Governor Patterson State Park this afternoon.

Gov Patterson State Park-Park Bench
Park Bench

There are SO many great waysides on the Oregon coast.  Some are State Parks and some are National Forest.  Gov Patterson State Park has a restroom but not all of them do.

Pathways to the Beach
Pathways to the Beach

They usually provide access to the beach.  This one has several short paths over a small sand dune.  Some require a fee to park if you do not display your annual pass.

Gov Patterson looking south
Looking South

There’s a wide, sandy, beach for walking.  Driftwood builds up after the Alsea River floods.  High seas can move it all away with just a couple high tides.

Driftwood on Gov Patterson SP Beach
Looking north to Alsea Bay

Whether a State Park or National Forest, you can use any of the Day Use passes instead of paying the $5-$6 parking fee.

Here’s more info on the Day Use passes available for use on the Oregon coast:

Recreation Passes & Permits

Hhhmm – now there’s something worthwhile to spend that Christmas money on!