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7 Otter Kits!

Don caught this otter family earlier this week.

otters emerge from alsea river
Toot-toot! Otter train!

I could tell from the close up photos of the river with just a swirl on the surface, and out of focus otters in the water, that Don had the same challenge I do in capturing these busy little balls of fur and teeth.   But he got a couple great shots of them on the Alsea River bank.  This reminds me of watching a large (human) family bailing out of a VW bus….they just keeping coming!

7 kits and 2 adult otters - alsea river
7 kits and 2 adult otters

I count 7 kits and 2 adults.  I don’t think the male usually travels with mom and the kits when they are this age?  Dad’s of all kinds can probably relate to this?

So I’m guessing the 2 adults are 2 moms travelling together.  The 3 kits on the right look a little larger than the 4 kits on the left.

These photos were taken near Blackberry Campground on the Alsea River.

A Stellar Day on the Oregon Coast

Sutton Campground is in the coastal forest area at the north end of the sand dunes that Florence is so well-known for.

I’m not sure if it’s in the 2nd or 3rd growth period of the huge trees that Oregon is also well-known for.  But I am always intrigued by the layers of growth here in Oregon.  Not only does moss grow on trees, but ferns grow out of the moss.  Here you can see that 2 trees are growing on the dead tree that fell (probably) decades ago.

Dead Trees Provide Life
Dead Trees Provide Life

Sea Lion Caves rolled back the prices for their Founder’s Day celebration yesterday (Apr 27).  And what a beautiful day to be on the Oregon Coast!

Stellar Sea Lions
Stellar Sea Lions

Tokatee Klootchman State Natural Site is a small parking area along Hwy 101 of the Central Oregon Coast.  It’s about 16 miles north of Florence.  We watched whales feeding here last summer.

Tokatee Klootchman, Oregon Coast
Walk around the left side of the sign

Access a narrow path to the beach by walking around the fence to the left of the sign.  Always lock your valuables in your trunk.

Trail to the Beach
Trail to the Beach

If you are a horror movie fan, you may recognize a house used in an 80’s horror flick.

Beach from Tokatee Klootchman
Beach from Tokatee Klootchman

Back up the Alsea Hwy, just out of Waldport, the geese are starting to pair up and make their nests on the bay side of the Eckman Lake causeway.

Eckman lake, Waldport
Canada Geese – Eckman Lake, Waldport, Oregon