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Ponderosa Campground, Butt Lake, Prattville, No Cal

These photos are from 2007/2008.  Butt Valley Reservoir (commonly called Butt Lake), is near Prattville, CA.

Ponderosa Campground is the first campground you come to after the turn off from Hwy 89.

The Ray Adams Boat Launch is about 1 mile past the campground.

2 workamping couples care for Ponderosa Campground.  4th of July campers have a tradition of having a parade through the campground.  Children decorate their bikes and there is a mayor “elected”.  Archie and Vicky managed Ponderosa for years.  Every year Vicky created a more elaborate float.  She loved making the children happy.  She passed away last year after a long battle with breast cancer.  She is greatly missed by many!

Cool Springs Campground, Butt Valley, No Cal

Cool Springs Campground is on Butt Reservoir (or Butt Lake), near Prattville, CA.

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These pix are from 2008.  The Chips fire changed the view in the surrounding area but the campground was untouched by the fire.