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What’s to see when it’s foggy on the Central Oregon Coast?

It is always cooler on the coast than it is in the Willamette Valley (I-5 corridor from Portland to Eugene).  Many times, when it’s hot in the “valley”, it will be foggy on the coast.

Although it’s not the best time for whale watching there’s plenty to see on the Central Oregon Coast when it’s foggy; as long as you don’t focus on the fog.

Bray's Point on Hwy 101 - Overlooking Bob Creek Wayside
Bray’s Point on Hwy 101 – Overlooking Bob Creek Wayside

If I am standing in the fog, I like to get my “head out of the clouds” and go for a drive on Hwy 101.

Bray's Point - Hwy 101 - looking south
Bray’s Point – Hwy 101 – looking south

Most of the time, the fog is patchy along the Oregon coast.  As the highway rises, we climb out of the fog to enjoy azure blue skies and the warmth of the sun.  Hiking in the Cape Perpetua Scenic Area is a great option – but today we’re going to Florence for groceries and fuel (the cheapest fuel in Oregon).

Cormorants and Common Murre Nests
Cormorants and Common Murre Nests

We stopped at the overlook of the Heceta Head Lighthouse, just north of Sea Lion Caves, on this foggy morning.  We could not see the lighthouse until we drove back by later in the afternoon.  But I enjoy seeing how the cormorant chicks are growing.  The chicks aren’t as dark and shiny-black as their parents.  The common murres are still there but I can’t tell if any of these are chicks.

Beaver in the Alsea River
Beaver in the Alsea River

Of course, there’s always the option of driving inland, up a river, for other un-foggy options.  This photo was taken near Blackberry Campground, 18 miles east of Waldport.

Elk herd with this year's calves
Elk herd with this year’s calves

The elk calves still have their spots and feed in open fields with the rest of the herd.

Sassy Elk Calf
Sassy Elk Calf

I’m not sure if the cow on the left is the mom but she’s not happy with the calf (ears down).  And the calf is talking to her (mouth open).

Showers in Oregon? Who knew?

Okay, I’d heard it rained a lot in Oregon.  But when I think of “raining a lot” I think of the non-stop, no break in the clouds type of rain.

Although that certainly does happen here, it’s not the norm.  Yesterday it was just showers with peaks of blue sky!

Bray's Point
Bray’s Point

We packed a picnic lunch and headed south to checkout the work that’s been done in the campgrounds.  One of our favorite spots on the central Oregon coast for a “picnic” (ie, sandwich in the truck) and whale watching is Bray’s Point. (Now if this gets too crowded I’m going to stop blogging!)

  That photo is looking north over Bob Creek.  We like Bob Creek for tidepooling and fishing and mussels.

Looking South from Bray's Point
Silvery Surf

Here’s the view to the south from Bray’s Point.  I can see why businesses are named Silvery Surf this or that.

Heceta Lighthouse Overlook
Heceta Lighthouse Overlook

We always stop (if there’s a parking spot) at the Heceta Head Lighthouse overlook just north of Sea Lion Caves.

All the sea lions must have been in the cave yesterday because we didn’t even see any playing in the surf; let alone on the rocks below.