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Great weather coming for Memorial Weekend!

Today was beautiful.  The ocean was turquois!

Heceta Head Lighthouse
Heceta Head Lighthouse today

The Brandts Cormorants and Common Murre are starting to nest on the cliffs.

cormorants nesting
Cormorant male displays his colors

The male displays his pretty blue neck by tilting his head all the way back to touch his tail feathers and he raises his elbows like a human imitating a chicken.

cormorant with egg
Can you find the egg showing under the cormorant?

Hint:  Look in a nest in the lower left-hand corner for the egg.  This is part of a new marine reserve now.  A volunteer was observing and counting the cormorants here and at the site next to Heceta Head Lighthouse.

common murre and brandts cormorants
Common Murre are gathering too

We didn’t see any eggs with the murres.

Pelican Fly-by

We even got a nice fly-by from a flock of pelicans!

sea lion
The fat-guy says…well, nothing

All the other sea lions must be in the cave.  He must need some peace and quiet.

A road crew is doing maintenance on the bridge just north of the tunnel at Heceta Head Lighthouse.  One lane is open.  Expect delays.  They do a pretty good job letting traffic through.  I’m not sure if they’ll continue through the weekend or not.

We’re supposed to get a bit of a drizzle in the morning but it should clear up for us to see the meteor shower Friday night/Saturday morning.

Moody Oregon Coast

The Central Oregon Coast was a little moody today.  No worries – we’ll just duck on into Tidal Raves (Depoe Bay) for lunch and hope the fog lifts.

View from Tidal Raves
View from Tidal Raves

Doesn’t that just say Oregon Coast?!

Full tummies (fish tacos are YUMMY) and we’re off!  Checked in at the Whale Center: whale count yesterday (0), today (there’s still hope, although very little).

Depoe Bay - Smallest Harbor in the World
Depoe Bay – Smallest Harbor in the World

I’ve seen these charter boats navigate this harbor entrance in rough weather and I don’t know how they get home with clean underwear?

Osprey at Devils Punchbowl
Osprey at Devils Punchbowl

Usually Otter Creek Road is a beautiful drive but it was fogged in today.  So, it was just a nice drive without a view.  We stopped at the Devils Punchbowl and saw a different sight – an osprey sitting on the cliff overlooking the marine gardens.

Goings-on in Yaquina Bay
Goings-on in Yaquina Bay

There was a lot of activity in Yaquina Bay so we pulled out onto the South Jetty to watch for a little bit.   This photo sums it up: boats going out, boat being towed in, birds flying, calm seas, overcast

Squirrel eating whole grains
Squirrel eating whole grains

Now look – this squirrel is trying to eat right.  He’s eating whole grains.  I’m guessing he’ll die of coronary heart disease like the humans who feed him french fries.

Seals on Seal Rock?
Seals at Seal Rock?

Are these inflatable seals?  How many times have you actually seen seals at Seal Rock?!

Brown Pelicans at Seal Rock
Brown Pelicans at Seal Rock

The brown pelicans are back in town.  My favorite thing to watch them do is fly in formation over the waves and dive for fish.

common murre chicks with brandts cormorrants
Can you find the 2 Common Murre chicks?

Nobody was read for the tour to be over so we kept driving south.  These cormorants and murres are still raising their families just north of Sea Lion Caves.  I wish I could be there when the murre chick jump off this cliff.  I just can’t imagine it.  What a strange instinct to have :-}