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I have SO many blessings in my life….family being one of the highest on my list, 2nd only to Jesus Christ and God the Father.

The Sabbath always recharges my batteries and General Conference weekend provides an extra dose of the Spirit.  Talks from the prophets are so applicable to what is happening in our world at this time.  I am grateful for loving parents and the happy childhood they provided for me.  We are excited to see our children and grandchildren in a week.  It has been a couple years since we’ve seen our grandchildren and we miss watching them grow up.  Facebook watching is not the same thing.

So, anyway, no bears today but I was a little nervous about walking alone down our long and winding road.

Our Road

I asked Don if he wanted to go for a walk with me.  He’s scared of bears and knows I can out run him so he didn’t want to go.

I was “trying” to whistle, in case there was a bear around, so he’d hear me coming.

I really can’t whistle.  It could only be described as making a high-pitched hissing noise through my teeth.  Any self-respecting bear would take a wide berth of such an annoying noise…. or slap me silly… but I was hoping for the former.

Spooky Spider

So I’m walking and high-pitched-hissing and looking up the hills as I go.  As I looked back to where I’m walking I see a spider suspended right in front of my face!  AAAaaaaaa!  I’m SO glad I didn’t walk into him!  I know he’s not as big as a bear but the thought of it crawling on my face creeps me out!

Common Mergansers

It was a pretty calm day on the river.  Mergansers, mallards, a pied-billed grebe, kingfishers and 2 different kinds of hawks.  There was a small hawk today; maybe a Kestrel or a falcon?  I didn’t get a picture.

A few fish are jumping but the rains are very late this year.  Those salmon must be crossing their legs out in the ocean!