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Snow for the Elk Hunt

A little bit of snow helps track the elk, right?  Elk hunters are using Blackberry Campground as a base camp this week.  This snow is what was left, Saturday about noon, from Friday night.  Of course, if elk hunting doesn’t work out, you can always fish.  Blueback are in the Alsea River up to the campground.

Blackberry Campground Snow

We’ve even got some elk hunters staying in Tillicum.  The snow came behind the stormfront that really rocked Tillicum Beach. Storm-watching campers started coming in last Wednesday. Thursday was a fun night!  The wind started again last night.  (We use Verizon broadband for our internet and the signal strength is highly volatile during storms.  I may not get anymore pix loaded until that cell tower quits blowing around.)  The high seas are pulling some of the sand away from the north stairway at Tillicum Campground.  I’m even seeing the big stumps, coming out of the sand, that are just north of the campground.  Maybe we’ll start seeing some agates!?

Tillicum - Beach Access - North

It’s a lot warmer when the skies are overcast.  But Sunday morning the skies were clear and the walk on the beach was like walking on concrete; the sand was frozen solid!  It did soften up soon after the sun hit it though.  The fog cloud over Yachats is pretty.  Although it looks like snow, that is seafoam in the foreground.

Fog over Yachats

The wind and waves are bringing in some interesting “flotsam”.  Broad definition of flotsam: floating debris.  I decided this one was too big for our float display wall.  It didn’t have a rope on it either so it probably would have just blown away.  I watched it for a little bit to see which direction the waves would take it.  It travelled south on the beach for a little ways. I went back in the afternoon to see where it was and it was totally gone.  I’m guessing someone had a place for it in their yard.

Tillicum Beach Flotsam

Workamping Note: It’s a challenge to keep firewood dry in this kind of weather.  As it gets light, this morning, I can see that our firewood tarp is gone. 😦   Challenge for the day: find the tarp and get it back over the firewood before it takes ME to the next county.  Oh, by george, there’s a camper missing too.  They were in one of those primo sites overlooking the ocean (site 17 if you’ve been here).  Maybe the winds got to them too?  I’ll keep an eye out for them when I go looking for the tarp 🙂