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A buck for an apple

We shook the last of the apples out of our tree and wanted to see what wildlife might still be checking for the last few morsels.

mule deer doe

I gathered up all the half-eaten apples and put them in front of the game camera for one last peek.

mule deer buck
Forked Horn

And we finally see the buck!  We knew there had to be one but had not seen him until now.

mule deer buck
Mule Deer Buck

We knew something was coming back to the tree.  I speculated it was raccoons.  But these mule deer (black-tails) were the only wildlife we caught on the camera.  I’m not sure if the doe is the adult or one of the fawns.  A few weeks ago we found one of the fawns had died.  😦



Hair Loss Syndrome in Black-tailed deer – Oregon Coast Range

This doe is healthy enough to bear and raise twins this summer.  She had a lot more hair a couple months ago.

black-tailed deer with hair-loss syndrome
black-tailed deer with hair-loss syndrome

But her hair loss is pretty severe right now.

You can see  the difference in the doe’s coat in a previous post: https://pamperingcampers.wordpress.com/tag/hair-loss-syndrome-in-black-tailed-deer/

twin black-tailed fawns
Twin Fawn Butts

Although the fawns look like they have a healthy covering of hair (why is it called hair and not fur?), it looks like they’ve lost hair on their faces and necks.

Fawn with some hair loss
Fawn with some hair loss

Does and fawns are more susceptible to the syndrome (caused by a mite I believe).  Mortality is higher in fawns.  If they lose too much hair, they can’t survive the cold winter months.

More info here: http://www.dfw.state.or.us/wildlife/health_program/hairloss/