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Bear Walks Under the Apple Tree

That needs to be a song….

A bear wandered through the yard under the apple tree last night about 8:15.  He didn’t find any apples on the ground and he didn’t even think about climbing the tree.  It doesn’t look like he even looked up.  I wonder if they can tell what’s in the tree by what’s on the ground?

Then, about 9:30pm, we got another video clip off the camera.  Can’t tell if it is the same bear or a different one.  I wish they’d wear name tags.

Bear walks under the apple tree with anyone else but me, no, no, no

Black Bear on the Alsea River

The day started off slow enough for wildlife viewing.  We saw our first turtle ever in Oregon.

alsea river turtle
Sunning Turtle

A little later in the day, as we were sitting on the deck and planning the next step of our jetty project, we saw a bear cross the Alsea to the opposite side of the river.

bear crossing alsea river
Now we know where the Bear Crossing is

He walked into the trees so we watched to see if he’d come out in the field and run down the route we’d seen him on previously.  But then we saw him down by the river and making his way on the river bank.  So we watched and videoed (is that a word?  spellchecker didn’t like it spelled videod)

[youtube http://youtu.be/rO-VADZp2FE]

He swam right past us!  It’s like living on a wildlife thorofare!

alsea river bear
Bear swimming in the Alsea River

These photos were taken just a few miles west of Blackberry Campground.