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Bear Gets Low-Hanging Fruit

This black bear is big enough to reach the low-hanging apples.  Well, relatively low.  I picked what I could with a 5′ ladder.

black bear looking for apples
Black Bear looking for apples

Watch this video to see him stand.  Maybe I’ll give him a sign to wear that says, “Will dance for apples.”

[youtube https://youtu.be/FawkfPsv3iY]

There is another pile of scat in our driveway that looks way different from the others.  See the two kinds below:

Bear scat indicates a high-fruit diet - mainly apples and berries
Bear scat indicates a high-fruit diet – mainly apples and berries
Bear scat - not so much fruit
Bear scat – not so much fruit

Can a bear’s diet change that fast?  These were left 2 days apart.  Maybe there’s another bear around who is eating something different?

Black Bear Eating Apples

Apple and berry-filled poop piles let us know the bear was hanging around.  He checked out our apple trees 3 weeks ago but didn’t stay long.  Based on where he pooped he spent a couple nights in the neighbors tree.

bear scat
Bear scat and size 12 shoe for perspective

But last night was our turn.

Bear Walks Under the Apple Tree

That needs to be a song….

A bear wandered through the yard under the apple tree last night about 8:15.  He didn’t find any apples on the ground and he didn’t even think about climbing the tree.  It doesn’t look like he even looked up.  I wonder if they can tell what’s in the tree by what’s on the ground?

Then, about 9:30pm, we got another video clip off the camera.  Can’t tell if it is the same bear or a different one.  I wish they’d wear name tags.

Bear walks under the apple tree with anyone else but me, no, no, no

Black Bear on the Alsea River

The day started off slow enough for wildlife viewing.  We saw our first turtle ever in Oregon.

alsea river turtle
Sunning Turtle

A little later in the day, as we were sitting on the deck and planning the next step of our jetty project, we saw a bear cross the Alsea to the opposite side of the river.

bear crossing alsea river
Now we know where the Bear Crossing is

He walked into the trees so we watched to see if he’d come out in the field and run down the route we’d seen him on previously.  But then we saw him down by the river and making his way on the river bank.  So we watched and videoed (is that a word?  spellchecker didn’t like it spelled videod)

[youtube http://youtu.be/rO-VADZp2FE]

He swam right past us!  It’s like living on a wildlife thorofare!

alsea river bear
Bear swimming in the Alsea River

These photos were taken just a few miles west of Blackberry Campground.

Black Bear Running

Black Bear Running reminds me of Dead Man Walking.

My love for watching wildlife has led me to sharing it with family and friends on this blog.  That was probably the biggest draw of workamping to me.  But, as we’ve pretty much stayed in one place for a few years, I’ve wondered if some hunters now use the internet as a new way of stalking their prey?  That’s why I try to be careful not to indicate exactly where I see the game.  I’m not opposed to hunting.  I believe God put animals on earth to sustain us.  I do think it needs to be managed, though, and it seems like the Wildlife Management agencies are doing a pretty good job of it through hunting licenses and monitoring herd sizes, etc.  If it weren’t managed, the irresponsibles would prevail and waste the meat.  As with anything, it only takes a few idiots to create the need for a “rule” or law to be enacted.

black bear
Black Bear

That said, I’d hate to be the one who points out a target to a hunter because I wouldn’t get to watch it anymore.  …unless that wildlife is threatening my life – then I’m happy to finger it!

Rewards of Exercise

Our picture window looks out over the Alsea River.  Where my laptop is set up, I can’t see out of it unless I look to the side.  That’s so I can actually get some work done.

Exercising every morning is a very worthwhile habit that the lazy-me tries to talk myself out of daily.

black bear on alsea river
Black Bear across the river

I do my exercises looking out the window, hoping for wildlife for a couple reasons:  1) it breaks up the monotony of exercising by having something new to look at and 2) it adds the more-fun-exercise of dashing for the camera and clicking off photos.  The black bear showed up a couple days ago.  We have not seen him on our side of the Alsea River yet.

muledeer on alsea river
A little forked-horn!

This morning this little forked-horn strolled through the yard and took our pathway down to the river where the doe joined him.  Their coats look healthy!

They walked out to the island for a little bit, took a few drinks, then wandered up river where I lost sight of them.   Then I went back to my hum-drum exercises.  I would not have seen either the bear or the deer had I not been standing in front of the window.  (If there are fishermen in the river, I back up so they can’t see me 🙂

I’m grateful for moments that break up the hum-drum!

I’ll see it when I believe it

I have been skeptical about many things throughout my life; saying, “I’ll believe it when I see it.”   (The title is not a typo.)

But the scriptures about John, the Baptist, preparing the people before Jesus’ ministry (Luke 1:17) got me thinking about the importance of preparation and how spiritual preparation can actually help us foresee some pitfalls.  Some people were already prepared for the Lord to come.  For instance, Zacharias and Elizabeth had to have been prepared spiritually to receive the revelation about the extreme circumstances of their son’s birth.  God could have chosen someone younger to raise John.  But He chose them because they were prepared spiritually (among other reasons).  Heavenly Father can work with our physical frailties but if we aren’t actively preparing ourselves to do His will, then we really aren’t interested in what His will for us is.

So, why did John need to “go before the face of the Lord to prepare his ways” if there were already some who were prepared?  (Luke 1:76)  I think that we all learn in different ways.  Some need more physical or tangible things to learn from; something (or someone) you can see or hear.  God wants all of us to return to Him.  He gives us every opportunity because He loves us in a way that we can only imagine.  He is our Father!

The thing is, I think preparation requires willingness (deja vu) and effort.  We can’t just go through life thinking that we have no choice in what happens to us.  Just as we look for opportunities to take, we should also try to understand what we can learn from our experiences (chosen or not).  If we don’t learn anything, why are we here anyway?  So, we have to choose what we are preparing for.  We will all meet Christ face-to-face, whether it will be at our death or at His 2nd coming to the earth.  I would like to be prepared for that so I can get the most out of it.  I think of all the things I do to prepare for a guest in my home.  I prepare a little extra when family members are coming to stay for a while.  When I am looking for things that I need to do in preparation for the visit, (because I “believe” they are coming) I can see what I need to do.  If I have prepared adequately, I get the most enjoyment out of the visit.  If I wait until they get here to prepare (believe it when I see it), it’s too late.

Christ did come.  Christ does live.  You’ll see amazing things when you believe that; including your potential.

black bears decorating for Christmas
How are you preparing for Christmas?