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East Texas Backyard Critters

I apologize for the lack of focus on some of these but they are timid little guys.

The cardinal is one of my favorite birds because of the male’s bright red color.


The Blue Jays in Texas look quite different from the Stellar Jays I’m use to west of the Rockies.

blue jay
Blue jay

The squirrels don’t look any different from my point of view though.

squirrel and blue jay
Keeping an eye on each other

This little Mockingbird might have left the nest too early.

Mockingbird fledgling
Mockingbird fledgling

It mostly hopped across the yard a few jumps then flapped his wings in that quivering kind of way that baby birds use.

mockingbird fledgling trying to fly
I saw Mama do this

When I saw the chicks coming out on the Martin house deck I knew the fledge was close.  It was early morning and the windows were dripping with dew.  I went out on the deck to take some photos and the camera lens kept fogging up.  Combine that with the breeze blowing the branches in front of the bird house and it took a while before I could get a photo.  These are not Martins.  Maybe starlings?

Not Martins in the Martin house
Not Martins in the Martin house

We were gone for a couple days and didn’t see the chicks again.  But something stinky must have happened inside.

Turkey vulture on Martin house
Turkey vulture on Martin house

I’m not giving them their cleaning deposit back!

Spring on the Alsea River

A male Rufous hummingbird finally found our feeder today.  He guards it ruthlessly.

male rufous hummingbird
He’s the boss

Rufous hummers are very territorial.  He is chasing off 5 or 6 other hummers.

Everybody likes the salmonberries – especially the Robins

robin in the salmonberries
Robin in the Salmonberries

The crawdad is almost the bottom of the food chain around here.  They are the scavengers who feed on dead fish flesh.  The diving ducks eat the crawdads – unless we eat them first.


The mallards are enjoying all the fresh green moss growing on the river bottom and banks of the Alsea.

mallard hen and drake
Mallard Couple

The new growth of spring is such a vibrant green!

Alsea River at Tidewater, Oregon
Alsea River at Tidewater