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Yachats Beach at Sunset

I was driving Don crazy so he finally got me my beach/sunset fix!

Playin' on Yachats Beach
Playin’ on Yachats Beach

We went to Yachats and walked down to the river from the south parking area.

Sand Art - Flower
Sand Art – Flower

Don brought his rake to experiment with crop circles.

Sand Art - Bird Head
Sand Art – Bird Head

…only cooler…

Sand Art - Fish
Sand Art – Fish

Of course he had to do a fish.

Yachats Beach at Dusk
Yachats Beach at Dusk

It was a little cooler than yesterday.

Sunset on the Waves
Sunset on the Waves

But another beautiful day, nonetheless.

Sunset Wafers
Sunset Wafers

I like how the horizon distorts the shape of the sun.

Yachats Agate Festival 2014

We had to drop in on the Agate Festival in Yachats today.  There’s more tomorrow so check out the notice if you’re in town:


There were SO many beautiful agates and things made from agates.  We got lots of ideas!

We didn’t buy anything.  I asked “how much for the little turtle earrings?”  When she said, “$75”, I told her “I’d better not touch those.”

Yachats State Park
Junuary on the Oregon Coast

We took advantage of the June-like weather to enjoy the crashing ocean waves.  Okay, it’s really NOT like June on the Oregon Coast because this is colder and sunnier.

But this is as good as a summer day in January.  What a lovely day!