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Thanksgiving – Oregon Coast Style

It’s going to be a beautiful Thanksgiving weekend on the Oregon Coast!

Rainbow Over Alsea Bay
Rainbow Over Alsea Bay

So…what’s your pleasure?  Camping overlooking a romantic beach?

Romantic Beach Gettaway - Tillicum
Romantic Beach Getaway – Tillicum Beach Campground

Or maybe camping near the dunes?  Sutton Campground is perfect – and Three Rivers Casino has a great Thanksgiving buffet!

Or  how about steelhead fishing on the Alsea River?  http://www.nwrfc.noaa.gov/river/station/flowplot/flowplot.cgi?TIDO3

The river level is dropping fast and it is clearing up.  It should be good for the holiday weekend.

Once the river level drops, the crabs will be back in the bay too.

Tillicum - Bull Kelp
Tillicum – Bull Kelp

The storms sure stirred up the bull kelp.  There was nothing on Tillicum Beach yesterday.

Bull Kelp Slaughter

But today mounds of it were all over the beach!

Happy Thanksgiving
Happy Thanksgiving

Have a great Thanksgiving!

And wherever the holiday takes you, be safe.

Bird Watching on the Oregon Coast

I saw a pileated woodpecker the other day.  He left before I could get the camera but this little Hairy Woodpecker wasn’t as camera-shy.

Hairy Woodpecker

This hawk knows a good fishing spot when he sees it.

Hawk - Fishing
Hawk – Fishing

I’m not real sure what kind of hawk it is if it’s not a red-tailed.

He had enough patience that he finally went after something.  I think he was actually “fishing” for birds.

Hawk Attack
Hawk Attack

There were a couple Belted Kingfishers working the river too.  These are interesting looking birds.  Their head looks out of proportion to their body.

The Belted Kingfisher is the most common kingfisher in North America and it’s the only one north of Texas and Arizona; according to my bird book.

King Fisher
Belted Kingfisher

Then the mallards flew up river, landed in the river and drifted down.  I counted 14 at one time.

Mallards in Alsea Tidewater
Mallards in Alsea Tidewater

I’ve always admired the iridescent green head of the male mallard.

The Surf Scoter is one of my favorite sea birds.  They have the odd-shaped bill with a little orange on it.

Surf Scoter Gaggle
Surf Scoter Gaggle

They were in the Alsea Bay fishing with everyone else; harbor seals and humans.