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Lake Somerville, Yegua Creek Campround, TX

From Crockett, we headed west on Hwy 21, passed through Bryan to get to Caldwell, then turned south on Hwy 36 to Somerville.  There are several State Parks on the lake. But our favorite are the Corp Parks, Yegua Creek and Rocky Creek Campgrounds.  Yegua, meaning “mare” in spanish, has a 1-mile nature trail. When we volunteered here in the Winter of ’06/’07, it was our responsibility to watchover this trail.
Deer start to gather at the Yegua Creek Nature Trailhead
There are loads of whitetail deer that frequent the campground.  If you’re lucky, and know where to look, you can find their shedded antlers!  This doe got a little nervous when she discovered Don, sitting in a chair, taking her picture. When she noticed him, she huffed and stamped her foot at him. So he huffed and stamped back. She kept doing it and he talked back to her in her language. It was funny to watch. I was surprised at how loud they can make that sound.

Blacktail deer
Whitetail deer
Mom and Dad towed their bass boat with their motorhome. We unloaded our utility trailer and camper and hooked up the boat – ready to put’er in asap!  Reports are that the white bass are biting.   Dad put chicken on the grill and Don and I when down to the boat ramp to check it out. Sure enough, just like the last time we were here! Those bass were jumpin’!  We didn’t put the boat in since dinner was waiting.  We’ll do that tomorrow.
Yegua Creek Campground - Sites 40 and 41
Yegua Creek Campground - Sites 40 and 41
The sites in these USACE parks are level and long!  These are great facilities!  $20/night, for us young’uns,  for elec/water site.  Mom and Dad paid $10/night with their Golden Age (America the Beautiful) card.
Sunset in Texas Hill Country
The sky is on fire

Houston County Lake, Texas

Largemouth Bass are spawning in Houston Co. Lake, between Crockett and Grapeland, TX.  Surface water temps are between 60 – 63. They are getting up into the shallows. Lots of fun!       

We bought a camera that has a bizillion zoomie power!  We’re having fun playing with it…spring flowers, turtles, flickers, woodpeckers, squirrels…

We’ll be on the road again on Monday – headed to Sommerville, TX, to Yegua Creek Campground.  More to blog about then.

East TX to Biloxi, Mississippi

Well, with the busy Christmas season over, it’s time to figure out these bass! The great blue heron thinks he’s figured them out but we didn’t see him catch any. The bass were schooling on this day in early January. We had never seen a heron land on open water – usually they stand in the shallows. So this was a special treat.

Don, however, figured them out. Dad and Don’s limits are shown below. The slot length limit for largemouth bass, here, is 14-21 inches (meaning, you can’t keep anything from 14-21″). These are all under 14″. He threw a few back that were over the limit. It was a fun fishing day!

We’re headed back to Alabama and stopped overnight in Louisiana. We camped at Acadiana Campground. It has a nice Nature Station with lots of trails. It’s pretty wet and we just made it before dark so we stuck to the boardwalk part of the trail. I like the reflection of the live oaks and cypress trees on the water. The cypress roots make steep bends in them that stick up out of the water. They’re called “cypress knees”.

What is really neat is how it looks when you turn the picture upside down.

Tonight we are camped at Gulf Island National Seashore near Biloxi, Mississippi. (We cannot see the seashore from the campground.) It is raining and getting colder. All electric sites are filled now (the last 4 went within 10 minutes of our arrival!) It’s supposed to get down to 20 by morning. We’ll make sure the roads are thawed before we head east in the morning!

Oh yeah, GO LONGHORNS! We’ve got Texas plates on the Dodge so we don’t dare enter Alabama until that game is over. Shhhhh…