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Spring Break vs Spring Fever

I am sure that one causes the other…unless your break is drowned out.

I’m just thinking of you poor families living in the northern regions where snow hasn’t melted off your lawn yet and the kids are crying, “when can we go camping?!”

mowed lawn

Maybe it’s time to unpickle the RV!  Don’t wait until the week before you want to camp to flush the antifreeze, check the heater, water heater, stove, batteries, etc.  You don’t want to be making last minute repairs with the kids breathing down your neck.

Gathering Firewood
Gathering Firewood

Find that camping checklist or make a new one.

You’d be surprised how many people show up in a campground without the basics: axe, matches/lighter, flashlight, can opener, etc.

Tent Camping with Kids
Tent Camping with Kids

If tent camping is your deal, set up the tent in the backyard (or living room) before you head to the campground.  Tents are really of no use without poles.

When camping with your kids, consider a campground with an on-site host.  Hosted campgrounds are generally more family-friendly.  The rowdies tend to go somewhere else where no one will be complaining about their inconsiderate behavior.

Check out American Land & Leisure for some of the friendliest campground hosts you’ll find in the US.  Choose a state under FIND OR RESERVE YOUR SITE.  Many of their campgrounds begin opening in April; some are open year-round.

Aspen Grove Campground, Strawberry Reservoir, near Heber City, UT

I have a few pix from our workamping gig, with American Land & Leisure, in the Strawberry Reservoir area near Heber City, UT, in 2010.

We didn’t work at Aspen Grove so the pix were taken before the season started; as you can tell by the bare aspen trees.

One couple works the campground and the area maintenance person also lives on-site.

You see much of the same wildflowers and wildlife here as in Lodgepole Campground; deer, moose, potguts (Uinta Ground Squirrel), hummingbirds, etc).

But if you’re looking for a campground on Strawberry that is smaller than the main one, Aspen Grove is lovely.  It is protected from the wind and the aspen provide shade from the high desert sun.  The campground overlooks the boat launch but American Land & Leisure does not operate it.

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There are about 60 campsites in Aspen Grove.  Some are reservable and some are first-come-first-served.  You can reserve a site up to 6 months in advance here: Recreation.Gov

Workamping for American Land & Leisure

I love it when I can get 15 seconds of fame!  So, when Kelly Fenley from the Eugene newspaper The Register-Guard called, I jumped on it!

Jo 'n Don
Jo 'n Don

Occasionally, a journalist wants to do a story on ‘what local retirees are doing’.  When Kelly called American Land and Leisure, Gary referred him to us.  Gary Huntington is the Hiring Manager in the Orem, Utah based company.  Don and I are Area Managers for AL&L in the Siuslaw National Forest, Central Coast Ranger District.

Here’s the article: Retirement on the launching pad

Since I’m already talking about myself, I’ll just extend this 15 seconds to 20.

Jo with Pole Saw
Jo with Pole Saw

I’m not above laughing at myself.  I think Don wanted to document the size of the tree that I actually cut down.  Don gets up-close-and-personal with a real chainsaw.  But I’ll only use this battery-operated pole saw.  I usually just trim off branches.  When he showed me the pix, I thought I looked a little nervous. hahaha  Like, “I wouldn’t touch that with a 6 foot pole!”

Jo doin' the Pole Saw Happy Dance
Jo doin' the Pole Saw Happy Dance

If you can’t make work fun, what’s the point in getting out of bed in the morning?  Mind you I was whining, the whole time, that the battery wouldn’t last.

You’ve got to love people to workamp in campgrounds.  If you are happy to greet people, between shoveling fire pits and cleaning toilets, they will feel welcome.

Greet customers with a smile
Greet customers with a smile

Another aspect of workamping for AL&L is fee collection.  Most people are good about paying their fees “within 30 minutes of arrival” as the rule goes.  But for those who don’t seem to think it is important, Don has a unique way of explaining what the campground and day use fees are used for…and timing can emphasize the point.

Need TP? Pay Your Fee 🙂

What?  You say there’s a log in the tent area?

Moving a log
Let me get that for you! 🙂

We are ready to tackle anything for you!

An AL&L Man is ALL Man!

We appreciate all the customer feedback.

Customer Feedback
AL&L gives extensive training, including how to get Customer Feedback

If the customer gives any negative feedback, it is an opportunity to fix something that is broken.  If they give positive feedback, we have a better chance of repeating our good behavior!

Redman Campground was our first workamping “gig” for American Land & Leisure.  We have been with them ever since.  We have worked for them in Utah, Idaho, Oregon and No. California.  What a great company to work for!