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Meerkat Moments

As the sun starts to go down over the Pacific people find a place to pull off Hwy 101 to watch it set.

Ocean Beach Day Use
Ocean Beach Day Use

We like to call them “meerkat moments” because we all look like a bunch of meerkats as we are lined up gazing, silently, at the sun.

On this late September Thursday evening, there’s hardly any traffic on Hwy 101.

Sunset From Rock Creek Overlook
Sunset From Rock Creek Overlook

Rock Creek and Cape Perpetua Campgrounds closed this week.  Wish we could keep them open longer for the few people who would camp in them!  But there are just not enough campers to keep them open.  Tillicum, Alder Dune and Sutton are beautiful campgrounds just off Hwy 101.  The drive between them (Yachats to Florence, Oregon) is worth spending a day on; tide pools, hiking, vistas, whale watching, beach walking, surf fishing, shellfish harvesting, Sea Lion Caves, Heceta Head Lighthouse and, of course, the sunset.

RVing the Oregon Coast

It think we’re getting some smoke from the Sisters wild-fire out here on the Oregon coast.

I can see blue sky above me but the horizons are fuzzy.  Fog doesn’t usually turn the sunrise orange so I’m thinking it is smoke.

Smokey Sunrise
Smokey Sunrise

This is only a 6.1 foot high tide.  The waves haven’t come near the bluff on Tillicum Beach since June.  This pic is just around the corner from the north stairway.

Tillicum Beach - Changing Tides
Tillicum Beach – Changing Tides

Tillicum Campground’s appeal are the beachfront sites.  We try to keep all three loops open as long as we have enough customers to warrant keeping the 3 restrooms clean (this isn’t the only campground we have to provide for).  September is a pretty popular month with the RVers.

Tillicum Campground in September
Tillicum Campground in September

Tillicum Beach Campground is a US Forest Service campground that is open year-round.  We honor the Senior and Access passes.

Tillicum has 7 electric/water sites.  Tillicum is about a mile south of Beachside State Park, between Waldport and Yachats.

Sutton Campground, near Florence, has 20 electric sites and is also open year-round.  All sites are first-come-first-served from Labor Day until May.

Smokey Sunset
Smokey Sunset

Today was beautiful and the smoke produced a beautiful sunset.

Campground Status:

Blackberry (Alsea River, east of Waldport) – open year-round

Tillicum Beach (Hwy 101, between Waldport and Yachats) – open year-round

Cape Perpetua (Hwy 101, south of Yachats) – closed Sept 23, until mid-May 2013

Rock Creek (Hwy 101, north of Washburn State Park) – closed Sept 23, until mid-May 2013

Horse Creek (FR 58, east of Seal Lion Caves) – equestrian facilities open year-round

Alder Dune (Hwy 101, north of Florence) – open year-round

Sutton Campground (Hwy 101, north of Florence) – open year-round