Entry for September 9, 2007

The Moonlight Fire in Plumas County is awesome to watch (from a safe distance). This is last night’s sunset from Rocky Point Campground. The fire makes beautiful cloud formations. No threat to any of our campgrounds (Ponderosa, Cool Springs, Yellow Creek, Last Chance, Rocky Point or Camp Conery).

Entry for June 26, 2007

Soda Springs Historic Site about a half mile from the Yellow Creek Campground. Carbonated water bubbles up right out of the ground!  The historic marker tells the history of the Humbug Valley.  Another hundred yards toward the campground you will see another spring. On the other side of road are flat rocks with holes. These holes are where the Maidu Indians used the rocks to grind acorns into flour.

Entry for June 23, 2007

We are having fun watching the Stellar Jays. We watched Mom and Dad build a nest in our 5th wheel hitch out of sticks. It is hard to imagine it could be soft and cozy. After the sticks, they lined it with pine needles. We counted 4 eggs – they were a bright blue-green with darker speckles. It only took about 12 days to hatch. And a couple days later they are starting to sprout feathers!

Entry 6 for May 2007

This whole area (Chester/Lake Almanor/Plumas County) is in bear country. We always warn campers to put coolers in their car trunks or in their car with a blanket over them. The bears will not try to get into the car or camper unless they see food or a cooler through the window. There are storage cabinets in the campsites. These are for non-food items. If bears smell food in these, they know how to open the doors and get to it. See the paw prints, on the cabinet, to the right of the Bear Alert sign!

Entry 5 for May 2007

Yellow Creek Campground is in the Humbug Valley. There are 12 campsites with a creek running through it; great fishing. It is about 4800’ altitude, providing great summer temps. There is definitely a certain type of dedicated clientele for this campground. Once you persevere the long, bumpy road to get there, you fall in love with it. The valley is full of history, which you can read about if you stop at the Soda Springs Historic Site, just a mile from the campground. Soda water (carbonated) actually bubbles out of the ground here! This campground is also heavily wooded with views of the grassland valley where Meadowlarks make their nests.

Entry 4 for May 2007

Last Chance Campground, 4 miles off Hwy 36 near Chester, and Yellow Creek Campground, 9 miles off Hwy 89, are our more remote campgrounds. Last Chance has 25 campsites, half of which may be reserved for group camping via PG&E. Although it is not far off the highway, it seems more remote because the access road is not paved. The campground is not on the lake, so you don’t have the noise of boaters and jet skis. There is a creek running through the campground that feeds into Lake Almanor. This is a beautiful little, heavily wooded campground with lots of wildlife.

Entry 3 for May 2007

We have 2 campgrounds on Butt Valley Reservoir. These campgrounds are in the mountains at 4150’. Ponderosa Flat is 3 miles from Hwy 89 on paved road. It has 80+ sites, including the overflow area. The Alder Creek Boat Launch and Day Use Area are about a mile past Ponderosa, on unpaved road, and Cool Springs Campground is another mile past that.  Cool Springs has 25 campsites and 5 walk-in sites. Ponderosa and Cool Springs both provide beach access and are also heavily wooded in a beautiful mountain setting.

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