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Blonde Raccoon

February 28, 2015

The raccoons we see are usually black and grey.  But this one seems more brown and blonde.  It is really obvious when we see him with his buddies though.


Brown Raccoon

We caught his buddies on video chasing mice around the yard.  Anyone who lives in the country needs a barn cat to keep the mice in control….or let the raccoons take care of them.

Greater Scaups Brave the Alsea

February 10, 2015

Recent rains raised the Alsea River to 14 feet.  Flood stage here is 18ft.  The clear water gave way to muddy runoff.  Still these brave Greater Scaups came fishing.  A bird’s gotta eat!

scaups fish alsea river banks

Scaups fish the banks

Here’s a look upriver just west of Blackberry Campground this morning.  The rain stopped, dropping the river level 2.5 feet by tonight.

alsea river - 14 ft

Swollen Alsea River – 14 feet

The Greater Scaups fished all day.  How do they see anything in that mud?  It must have something to do with those golden eyes – gives them a sunny outlook!

greater scaups

Greater Scaups


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