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First time I’ve seen this critter on the Alsea River

Anyone know what it is?

mink fishing in alsea river
Mink (?) looking for fish

It is about the size of a baby otter.  But the fur is lighter color.  The tail is shorter but furry and gradually turns to black.

mink swimming
He runs along the bank and even swam out to the middle of the river and dove

His nose is really pointy and I can hardly see his ears.  I thought mink were black but info I read says they can be brown.

pointy nose critter
Look at that pointy nose

I didn’t know they would dive for food either.

mink looking under water
Takin’ a peek under water

Below is a video of him:

Merganser Courtship

Springtime is full of activity as ducks try to attract the attention of the opposite sex.  Males attract females with their vibrant colors.

Male Common Merganser
Male Common Merganser

The female common mergansers don’t change their plumage much, if at all.

Female Common Merganser
Female Common Merganser

But their attitude seems to change quite a bit during courtship.  They choose a mate and chase the other males away.  Sometimes it looks like she’s even grouchy with her mate though.

(By the way, I don’t have any control over what videos Youtube displays after mine. Please tell me if it shows offensive video choices.)


When it’s time to mate, though, the female gets very quiet.


She probably laid stretched out in the water for about 5 minutes before her partner was ready.