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Who doesn’t enjoy blue sky?

February 23, 2015

I guess even sea lions get cabin fever now and then.  Give them blue sky and calm seas and you may see them outside of Sea Lion Caves; north of Florence, Oregon, on Highway 101.  Just north of the caves there is a pullout; the vantage point for the “most photographed lighthouse on the Oregon Coast”.  The lighthouse keeper’s house is a bed and breakfast:  Heceta Head Lighthouse

heceta head lighthouse

Heceta Head Lighthouse

Park your car, get out and listen.  If you can hear the sea lions barking, look over the rock wall to the cliffs below.  These are a mix of California and Stellar Sea Lions.

sea lion haul out

Sea Lions Hauling Out

They complain a lot but they like to snuggle.

sea lions

Mom! He’s touching me!

On the other side of the cliff, closer to the caves, another group of sea lions climb the steep cliff; hugging the side to get to the top.

sea lion rock climbers

Sea Lions are great rock climbers

Lazy Dayz of January

January 22, 2015

The ladies were lounging on the hill this morning.

roosevelt elk cows and calf

                                                                              Resting on the hill

The elk calves are almost hard to distinguish from the adults now.  Their coloring is the same but you can tell they are smaller when right next to an adult.  I think their fur looks fluffier too.

roosevelt elk tag a-3

                                                                      A-3, Alllie, just being lazy

Elk are similar to cattle in that they chew their cud as a part of digestion.  I’m always happy to see Alllie.  I wonder if I studied them longer if I would start to see some distinguishing marks?  We haven’t seen the bull lately so maybe he didn’t survive the hunt.  Time will tell.


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