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Hairy Jaws

I just wanted a catchy title…but it IS actually related to my topic(s)…no it’s not about my hubby 🙂

This little hairy woodpecker was calling me for his photo session this afternoon.

Hairy Woodpecker
Hairy the Woodpecker

I know he’s not hairy, that’s his name.

The holiday weekend brought lots of fishermen to Alsea Bay.  The ones who didn’t go back to school are still here today.

Fishing for Chinook - Alsea Bay
Fishing for Chinook

I don’t think a Chinook can get through this maze of fishermen!

Fishermen in the Jaws of Alsea Bay
Fishermen in the Jaws of Alsea Bay

I think what people refer to as “the jaws” is the narrow, choppy, area that transitions between the Alsea Bay and the ocean.  It’s pretty tricky to navigate and is not recommended.  It doesn’t look like these guys are in the dangerous part.

Fishin’ – Bunnies

Our neighbor – trying his hand at fly fishing at low tide on the Alsea River.

Alsea River - Low Tide
Alsea River – Low Tide

We haven’t seen any Chinook up here yet.

Brush Bunny
Brush Bunny

Bunnies don’t fish – silly!

I just wanted to show you our cute bunny-neighbor.