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Rollin’ on the River

Some tubers were floating down the river this afternoon.  They, obviously, only get to visit for a few days at a time and don’t get to watch the river as much as we do.  We overheard him saying “there were more rapids the last time I was here.”  lol – If you don’t live on this part of the Alsea River you might not notice the tide’s effect on the level.  After all, who’d think the tide had any effect 12 miles up the river?  This photo is about mid-tide.


A big willow branch broke off, drifted downriver and snagged on this rock (below).  Now it is growing!  If you enlarge the above photo you can find the same willow branch to compare the tide level to the low tide below.

Willow branch growing
Willow branch growing

Green Heron are usually pretty shy but 2 of them have been working the river pretty steady for a week or so.

Green Heron on river rocks
Green Heron on river rocks

Here’s a closeup of the Green Heron.

green heron on alsea river
Green Heron is annoyed by photographer

C’mon!  I’m not close enough to annoy you!  That’s the look my family gives me when I want to take their photo AGAIN!  LOL

The last thing to roll up the river today was Sneaky Pete (I named him for his behavior):

Harbor Seal
Harbor Seal

At high tide, in the summer, the Alsea River can look so still it looks like a lake.  The seals don’t spend a lot of time up here and most of it is spent under the surface.  We could tell by the water movement that something big was wandering around under there; although it seemed to move very slowly.

harbor seal in alsea river at tideater
Sneaky Pete in Alsea River

Like a lot of wildlife, although large, they can be very stealthy when they want to be!  And when they are fishing, they are in stealth mode.

I wonder if I could talk Sneaky Pete into goosing a tuber?  🙂

All photos were taken a few miles downriver of Blackberry Campground.

Fishing Lessons – Kingfishers

These Kingfishers are like a morning alarm clock only the Snooze button doesn’t work and we can’t unplug it from the wall.  hahaha  …and it’s not as annoying.

Belted Kingfisher

When a single Kingfisher is working the river it doesn’t make this much noise (watch video below).  So I’m guessing that these Kingfishers are young birds being taught how to fish.  Either the parents are giving lots of encouragement to their young or the children are saying “Wait up!  Wait up!  I’m hungry!  I’m tired!”   Or maybe both?

Whatever is going on, they are fun to watch.  We’ve seen as many as 6 Kingfishers working this part of the Alsea River at one time.  Occasionally they actually splash in the water to catch a bite to eat.