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Yearling elk getting their antlers

I got out early today to see if the elk were still hanging around where I saw them bedded down last evening.  I didn’t find any newborn calves but there were a couple yearlings showing their new antlers.

elk's first antlers
First antlers on elk calf still in winter coat

Most of the elk have lost their winter coats by now but this calf seems to be lagging behind.  I’ve noticed an adult keeps their coat a little longer than the others too.  I can’t remember if it is a cow or a bull though.  If I see him/her I’ll now know who this little guy belongs to.

tagged elk alllie
Who’s playing peek-a-boo behind ALLLIE?

There are about 35 elk in this herd.  I wonder how many can call Alllie Mom?

elk mom with yearling son
Stand still! I’m still your mother.  There, now you’re ready for your photo.

 Mom keeps an eye on the growth of her son.

male yearling with new antlers
This little bull has shed his winter coat and starting to grow antlers

Hooded Merganser Mom with 5 Chicks

Aren’t these little Hooded Merganser chicks the cutest!

merganser chicks following mom
Stick with mom!

The chicks seem to panic a little until mom resurfaces.

chicks panic when mom merganser dives
Where’d she go?!

She’s fishing for 6 now so the Hoody mom makes her dive count.  She comes up with a crawdad!

merganser mom eating crawdad with 5 chicks trailing
Mom’s got a crawdad for dinner!

Watch the video of the Hooded Merganser mom with her 5 chicks in tidewater of the Alsea River: