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Thankful Thursday #thankfulthursday

I have so much to be thankful for…my awesome husband, children and grandchildren, my parents, siblings, in-laws and friends are at the top of my list!

2nd is the beauty that surrounds me in simplicity and wonder.

Mule Deer Buck
Mule Deer Buck with unequal antlers
Merganser Young'uns
Merganser family stick close together
Lazy leaf floating through the reflections
Lazy leaf floating through the reflections
Crescent Moon
Crescent Moon – men walked there
cedar waxwings
Cedar Waxwings stop to chat

and the beauty even feeds me!

Apple tree is stressed from a dry summer but still producing
Apple tree is stressed from a dry summer but still producing

Otter family on the Alsea

The otter family can be quiet when they want to.  This family has 4 kits.  The fourth is up in the grass outside the picture frame.

Otter family on Alsea River
Otter family on Alsea River

They were swimming downriver when the one in the video below saw a mudcat (sculpin) that it decided to have for lunch.  I was surprised at how long he kept after that fish until he caught it.  Based on the otter’s moves, that sculpin was pretty experienced at evading danger!


Mom Merganser Fishing with 16 Ducklings

Kudos to this mama merganser!  I counted at least 16 babies with her.  I can’t imagine keeping up with this many kids at once.  I’ve seen the Common Merganser mom defending her chicks though.  She is not to be reckond with!


They all gather when she gives a soft quack.

16 common merganser ducklings
I count 16 Common Merganser babies

And she does it all with style; not a hair out of place.  🙂

merganser mom with ducklings
Common Merganser mom with ducklings

The ducklings were having trouble fighting the current in the fast water so Mama took them across the rocks – in single file.

merganser ducklings
Marching across the rocks to get past the whitewater

Harbor Seal Newborn Pup

New life is just a miracle to me.  I get excited when I see a newborn pup still having the umbilical cord because it tells me how new the newborn is.  The pups lose their umbilical cord at about 10 days old.

Umbilical cord on newborn seal pup
Umbilical cord on newborn seal pup

I just want to lay down and take a nap with them. 🙂

Merganser Chicks Ride on Mom’s Back

What an awesome day on the Alsea River!

tidewater alsea river
Head of tidewater on the Alsea River

There were osprey, kingfishers, mallards and common and hooded mergansers.  All the ducks had chicks.

mallard hen and chicks
Mallard hen with chicks

The mallard hen had 8 or 9 chicks with her.  It’s hard to count those little bobbing heads while trying to keep up with mom in the rapids.  Watch the video of the mallard chicks following mama across the river.  They look like they are connected by elastic.


Click on YouTube (bottom right) for a larger video.

A Common Merganser hen had 11 chicks with her today.  She was VERY protective.  She defended them from another female merganser who came too close.

merganser mom defends chicks
Common Merganser mom protects chicks from other merganser

A Hooded Merganser had 3 chicks with her today but I didn’t get a photo.  One of her chicks got mixed in with the Common Merganser’s chicks.  The Common Merganser Mom attacked the Hoodie chick, throwing it across the water several times.  it was a violent attack on such a harmless little baby.  I wondered if she killed the chick but later saw the family intact.  I don’t understand what the threat was.

merganser chicks resting
Common Merganser Mom resting with chicks

Then I finally saw the merganser chicks riding on their mom’s back!  The only way she can get some peace is to dive.  🙂  Watch the video of the Common Merganser mom and chicks:


Click on YouTube (bottom right) for a larger video.