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Detroit Lake – Hoover Campground

Nice wildlife here – we watched jays, woodpeckers, geese, mallard ducks and osprey. There are lots of osprey here! We saw one catch a fish. They are beautiful birds! There are 3 fishing docks within walking distance of the campground. One goes out into the lake from the boat launch area. The other 2 are on the nature trail. The frogs serenaded us to sleep last night. It must have been a crowded weekend because the dumpsters were overflowing. It is good to see the sanitation department here to get it cleaned up this morning.

Rocky Point Campground, Lake Almanor, California

Campground Managers are here! The lake is a good level. The campground is looking good. Ponderosa and Cool Springs Campgrounds, on Butt Lake, along with Rocky Point Campground, are opening on Friday, May 9th. Butt Lake also has a good level of water in it. Fisherman are enjoying both lakes already. We’re supposed to have great weather for the weekend!