Elk in velvet

About PamperingCampers

We enjoyed full-time RV’ing and workamping for 7 years.  We learned a lot and shared what we learned on a website called PamperingCampers which we had to let go.  We had various reasons for leaving the workamping community; family health, our own health, tired of travel, missing our family, etc.  When we started workamping we did it with the decision that we’d do it as long as it was fun.  When we settled back down, it was close to family and still in a beautiful, somewhat remote area on a river near the Oregon Coast.  We still get to enjoy amazing wildlife and nature everyday.

Enjoy some of our wildlife puzzles here:  Wildlife Puzzles by Jo ‘n Don

2 thoughts on “About PamperingCampers”

  1. About that orange thingy, is it possible it is a traffic signal orange blinking thing or a warning reflector for the side of the road. Here in Japan there are a lot of things that look like that.

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