Nighttime on the Lake

I missed the full moonrise last night and it would have been perfect with the clear sky.  So I looked up the time for the moonrise tonight and headed down to the boat dock with my camera.

I can’t seem to remember that the moon is about 45 minutes late getting up above the hills and trees around Houston County Lake in East Texas.  So I stand around enjoying the sounds around this pretty little lake after dark.

It’s 80 degrees and a nice breeze keeps the humidity down.  The lake isn’t as smooth as glass but it is pretty close.  The occasional fish-splash keeps the surface moving.  I hear tree frogs all around me and even from across the lake.  The neighbor’s door opens and closes and he softly whistles for Ranger, the favorite neighborhood dog, to come home.  He must be coming because I hear different dogs bark as he runs by their homes.  I’m all alone on the deck, wondering if I’ll get to see the moon.  Looking straight up I cannot even see any stars because of the clouds.  I walk to the edge of the dock and start having silly-creepy thoughts:  what if a crocodile explodes through the surface and lunges at me onto the dock!  or what if Swamp-thang reaches up and grabs my ankle and pulls me under, without hardly a peep?!   hahaha – I step back… just in case.

Looking at the horizon again I’m thinking, well, I’ve seen it before maybe I should just give it up.  Then, of course, I see the sliver of orange above the clouds.

full moonrise, houston county lake, texas

It didn’t last long.  There was another cloud that the moon immediately disappeared behind.

full moonrise, houston county lake, texas

Thanks God, for letting me have another peek.

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