Nutria Family

Last week I was nervous about seeing these two nutria being so friendly on the river bank.  Mind you, nutria have never done anything personally against me.  But I know they can cause erosion problems and we don’t need any of that on the Alsea River!

nutria couple
Mama and Daddy Nutria

So, when I saw THIS today I was REALLY disappointed.

mom nutria with 5 little ones
Mom with 5 baby nutria

Mom took her 5 kids out to play in the river.


But I did learn something about nutria from this website:

Nutria were brought here from southern South America to control unwanted aquatic vegetation.  Their average lifespan is 3 years in the wild.  A female can get pregnant as early as 3 months and can have almost 3 litters per year.  Predators of adult nutria include coyotes, domestic dogs, and humans. Great horned owls, foxes, great blue herons, hawks, eagles, and raccoons prey on the young.

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