Workamping for Fun

I found this post in my Drafts from a couple years ago.  I guess I’d decided not to post it on the grounds that it may incriminate me (ie, it may reveal my frustration).  But the frustrations are short-lived and now it’s just funny so I’m posting it:

Excerpts from our week of workamping:

Got this call late last night.

Camper:  “I’m in site 30. My car battery is dead.”  (The site has been changed to protect the ignorant.)

Area Manager: “What campground are you in?”   (We manage ten of them.)

Camper:  “Uh… I’m not sure.”

Area Manager: (We knew where they were by the site number.  We were just making them pay for waking us up.)  “I need to know what campground you are in.”

Camper:  “Hey!  What campground are we in?  Oh, Sutton.”

Area Manager:  “Now what is the trouble?”

Camper:  “My car battery is dead and I need to go to town to buy firewood.  Can you give me a jump start?”  (mind you, we sell firewood in the campground)

Area Manager:  “I’m not going to wake up my manager for that.”

Do you think he thought it was more polite to wake us up for a jump-start than to wake us to buy firewood?  Maybe he’ll be more prepared to camp next time?  And, by the way, why don’t campers carry a hatchet if they aren’t going to buy firewood?

U-turn Sign
U-turn Sign

When does “No U-turn” mean “turn around and go back”?

I am always surprised to see people try to make a U-turn right here in front of the sign.

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