Berries are coming on!

Salmonberries are the first to ripen.  They are SO yummy!  And all the birds know it…as do the deer and bear and anything else with tastebuds.  I nabbed one yesterday that was solid red.  Still a little tart but they might be gone if I wait for the sweetest ones.  And no, Mom L, it didn’t have a worm in it – I looked – twice.


I’m glad the osprey don’t like berries. 🙂  They’ve been dining at the seafood buffet table lately.  We’ve seen some sore-back steelhead this week.


Here’s a video of the osprey diving.  These guys are fast!  It’s hard to zoom in far enough to see them and still be able to track them.  I had to stand back on the deck so he wouldn’t see me so the video is chopped by deck posts and flower pots too.  But, hey, it’s a splash all the same!


He missed his fish. 😦

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