We’re sunk!

I think somebody lost a boat to the Alsea River overnight.  The boat was almost full of water but still fully visible around 7:30 yesterday morning.  But by 8:30am it was all the way under the water.

submerged boat in alsea river
Hanging on

Not much can be done to rescue it at this point.  They just have to hope the rope to the anchor holds until the water goes down.

The rain raised the river about 3 feet higher than expected.  Rain filled the driftboat and sunk it.  You can barely see the end tip bobbing on the surface in the photo below (on the left near the willows).

submerged boat in alsea river
Before dark

The boat was still hanging on before dark settled in last night.  But it is nowhere to be seen this morning.  Not Fun!  😦

I wonder how fast a sunken aluminum boat will move down a river?  And what could possibly stop it?

2 thoughts on “We’re sunk!”

    1. It was someone else’s boat that sunk but the rope actually held it. They were able to empty the water and drag it onto land. I’m not sure if they lost anything out of it but I’d be surprised if they didn’t. They left a net and oars that I know of…not sure what else.

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