Mary’s Peak – October Views

Western Oregon has been so dry – hardly any rain since July.  We got a little rain the end of September but I don’t think it will be enough to give us much of the fall colors this year.  Even the maples seem to be going from yellow-brown to brown with no orange or red in between.

marys peak oregon fall colors
Fall colors on Mary’s Peak Road

I think we saw 4 trees with colors on Mary’s Peak Road.  We had a reliable source suggest that a trip up to Mary’s Peak would provide a great view of the Willamette Valley.

eastern view from Mary's Peak parking lot
Looking east from parking lot on Mary’s Peak

She was NOT wrong!  We could see across the Willamette Valley to the Cascades; from Mt Bachelor on the south, to Mt Hood and even into Mt St Helens in Washington!

view of mt jefferson from marys peak oregon
View of Philomath with Mt Jefferson in background

I’m told that Gma Wanda’s is hidden behind Bennet’s Hill (hill on the lower right).  You can see Mt Jefferson towering over the Cascade Range.

Mt St Helens or Mt Hood?
Mt Hood

A nice Forest Service gentleman pointed out all the volcanic mountain peaks but I couldn’t keep up with the photos.  This is a close-up of Mt Hood.  Although we could see Mt St Helens, the photo didn’t turn out very well to due to haze.

These were all visible from the parking lot.  Apparently you can see the ocean if you take a 20 minute hike to the top of the peak.  We didn’t do that this time though.

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