Supermoon – Central Oregon Coast

The western sky looked mostly clear around 6pm so we decided to head to Waldport to see if we’d get a shot at the last Supermoon of 2014.

looking east from alsea bay bridge
Maybe the Supermoon will rise right there?

Looks like there’s a very small window of opportunity on the eastern horizon.

foggy sunset
Foggy Sunset

I’m also watching the sunset over my shoulder…

great blue heron alsea bay
Great Blue Heron in the bay

and a couple Great Blue Heron fishing…

harbor seals splashing alsea bay
Harbor Seals splashing

and the seals cavorting.

sunset waldport
Waldport got a little sunset color

The sunset cast a little bit of color.

kayaking alsea bay
Kayaking at Sunset in Alsea Bay

A couple kayakers were taking a sunset cruise but it was becoming evident that I would not see the supermoon from the Alsea Bay Bridge.

alsea bay bridge
Pretty lines of the Alsea Bay Bridge

Back in Tidewater, the supermoon crept over the mountain at 9:10pm.

supermoon sep 2014
Supermoon – Sep 2014

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