OSU’s Benny the Beaver has a brother

OSU’s Benny the Beaver greets new and old friends as students get ready for the new school year.  But did you know that Benny has a brother on the Oregon Coast?  Yup, just down Highway 34!

Benny Beaver’s brother, Billy, lives near (you guessed it) Blackberry Campground; near milepost 18 on the Alsea River.

beaver in alsea river
Billy Beaver

Beavers don’t make much noise so you have to be watching for them.  Early morning or late evening hours are the best time to see them.  We’d seen signs they were in the area for a few days:  bark-stripped sticks floating down the river.  We could also see waves in the water coming from something bigger than a fish on the other side of the river.  Then we saw him lazily swimming upriver yesterday and today.


3 thoughts on “OSU’s Benny the Beaver has a brother”

    1. We were working in Spruces Campground in northern Utah when some beavers targeted a stand of aspen trees one night. They’d come in over night and fall 6 trees at a time. The funny thing was they’d make the whole tree land on the pavement. Maybe so it would be easy for them to chop them up the next night? lol Of course we foiled their plan because we had to clear the site for campers.

      1. Ahh… the Wasatch Front. My second favorite place (next to the Oregon Coast). We lived there for 14 years until we moved out here in ’94. Loved the mountains, but missed the ocean.

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