Wildlife Video Bomb

Wildlife are always photo-bombing or video-bombing me and I love it!

roosevelt elk
Elk bull watching over the cows

On this day it was the Roosevelt Elk.  I’d heard an elk call and wanted to capture the sound.  I thought bulls were the ones that made the calls but cows also have a call.  Unless I hear them around the same time I can’t always identify which is which.  I think a bull’s call is longer though.  A baby elk sounds like a weaker version of the cow call.

Since it was a little foggy, all I’d seen were the cows in the field.  But the video shows the bull on the other side of the fence. He must have been the one making the call.  We don’t have many bulls this year since someone took 4 out of the herd last fall.  So, hunters, stay away this year because we don’t have many calves either.  It’s been a couple months since I’ve seen the bull and he’s got a nice rack now.

The other surprise is the yearling cow with a gray rump.  I assume it’s from hair loss but this is the first time I’ve seen hair loss on an Elk.

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