Lillies and Ferns on the Oregon Coast

Did you know that the baby fiddleheads are a delicacy?  Sauteed in butter they taste similar to asparagus.  (I can neither confirm nor deny this.)

fiddlehead fern
Fiddleheads on certain types of ferns

The Western Maidenhair fern has a couple unique features that make it one of the most delicate of the fern family.  (I’m not really an expert, it just sounded good.)

Western Maidenhair Fern
Western Maidenhair Fern

The fine, black, stem contrasts with the green leaves.  It looks like the fronds shoot off one side of the main stem which makes it curl.  The maidenhair ferns grow in the splash-zone of waterfalls and creeks.  I found these when I hiked up the creek to check on our spring head after the neighbor reported she’d ran out of water.

oregon ferns
Multiple types of ferns

Here are some different types mixed together.  I think the fiddleheads only grow from the ferns that grow in a clump that are green year-round.

Calla Lily
Calla Lillies

I don’t think Calla Lillies are natural here in Oregon.  But, where they’ve been planted, they multiply like crazy.  They like shade.  I took these cuttings and noticed something funny on the stalk of the bloom that hadn’t opened all the way yet.

calla lily stems
Curly stems

Only the stalk of the newer blossom curled.

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