Who moved my trees?

Sometimes change is hard to accept.  If life is a puzzle that we slowly put together over time, change seems to be something that causes the whole puzzle to be out of whack.  It’s like we have to undo part of the puzzle and rearrange it to make the change fit into the big picture.

But the good thing about change is that it presents a new perspective.  Maybe we didn’t have the right pieces in their correct place after all?

roosevelt elk
New view of an Elk trail

They logged the hill across the Alsea River last year.  Now we are seeing elk travel along the ridge of that hill.

roosevelt elk
Roosevelt Elk

It could be a route they’ve used for years but we couldn’t see them for the trees.  Or, maybe the logging changed their puzzle?  New and different growth is springing up from ground that was shaded for decades.  New trails were cut for logging that makes it easier for the elk to travel too.

roosevelt elk
Resting on the Ridge

Instead of resisting change or complaining about it, maybe I should look for the new opportunities the change is presenting to me.

roosevelt elk
2 bull elk with new antlers

These bulls lost their antlers about 2 weeks ago.  Maybe my new perspective will give me the opportunity to capture how fast the antlers grow.


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