March Showers bring April Flowers

Whoever made up the saying, “April showers bring May flowers” might have lived in a colder climate than the Oregon Coast.

skunk cabbage
Skunk Cabbage

I hear the skunk cabbage gets its name from their smell.  So I’ve never gotten close enough to tell.

Ann Japanese Magnolia Tree
Ann Japanese Magnolia Tree

I love the flowers on the Ann Japanese Magnolia trees.  They are such a vibrant color and they don’t have to compete with leaves because they flower first.  They look like an Easter egg sitting on the end of the branch.

Himalayan Blackberries - photo-bombed by Elk
Himalayan Blackberries – photo-bombed by Elk

I haven’t seen any flowers on the blackberry bushes yet but the salmonberries are starting to bloom.

The elk photo-bombed the blackberries 🙂

roosevelt elk greeting
Hey Sister!

The elk are looking a little shaggy but they are starting to shed their winter coats.

elk shedding her coat
Shedding her coat

You can tell this one is shedding around her face.  I keep watching for the bull to lose his antlers but he’s still got them.

cow elk
Cow Elk

The cow elk look so much alike that I keep trying to find distinguishing marks (besides an ear tag).  I noticed the one in the front has a lighter color in her neck hair.

It looked like a river as the elk flowed over the fences and across the road.  You can mute your sound to watch the video.  All you hear is the sound of the wind on the camera.

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