Why can’t I have a moss lawn?

Wouldn’t moss work for a lawn in western Oregon?

mowed lawn

Moss covers the ground on the right side of the rock edge.  Grass is on the left.  I know the grass is greener but can’t we cultivate a greener moss?

Moss vs Grass
Moss vs Grass

It would certainly conserve energy; mainly ours.

grassy rain boots
Grassy Boots

Don mowed the back and side yards and I trimmed half the front yard riverbank.  Hey, why is “backyard” one word and “front yard” is two?

alsea riverbank
My arms feel like rubber

The hill is too steep to mow so a weed eater is the only option.  I would love it if it could be covered in moss!

When I get started, I don’t want to stop until it’s finished.  I don’t want to think about doing it again for another 2 or 3 weeks.  I guess I’m feeling my age.

Oh well, at least we gave the otters and mergansers something to watch for a change.

grass stains on jeans
Collateral Damage

Grass stains…nothing a little Oxyclean won’t get out 🙂

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