Oh Bull!

I was telling him that I’m not the elk paparazzi.  But I’m not sure he believes me anymore.

bull elk
You again?

I was watching the girls and a yearling ran up to her mom to nurse.  You know how they push to get the milk start flowing; it’s more like a couple bounces.  Well, she did that to her mom so hard that it bounced her hind legs off the ground.  hahaha  Maybe some of that was that it startled her.  Then another female kicked at the yearling to chase her off.  That was interesting.  I can see why mom would chase her off, but seeing another one do it was funny.  Maybe an older sister?  Sibling rivalry?

elk herd
take a picture, it lasts longer

The big guy decides it’s time for a meeting.

elk herd
I think she’s harmless. Just smile.

or just go about your business

bull elk
Ok – just one glamour shot – then move along

He’s looking a little shaggy.  I hope he doesn’t start shedding yet though.  We’ve got a cold front coming in tonight.


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