I know I don’t have the highest vocabulary but I don’t usually have to look up the word for the Weekly Photo Challenge…until today.

It’s juxtaposition.  So here’s my photo:

out of tiny cones grow mighty trees

I was stuck at the computer for most of the day; keeping an eye out for any wildlife to chase after with my camera.  There was an eagle but he flew by too fast.

Common Merganser
Common Merganser

When I finally walked outside I couldn’t come back in!  It was almost 60 degrees today!  I heard it was 70 on the beach!

Merganser Patterns
Merganser Patterns

The patterns this merganser is making in the water match the patterns on his back.

I went for a walk but the only wildlife I saw were people working in their yards.  Everyone seems to be taking advantage of the June-like weather we’re having in the northwest this month.  We’ll pay for it somehow I’m sure.  Some already are: http://koin.com/2014/01/24/2-wildland-fires-burning-on-oregon-coast/

It’s unusual for the humidity to be this low too.  My gage says 66% but it was lower earlier in the day.

Please be extra cautious with your campfires.

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