What sound does a human make?

I always wonder what sounds different birds make.  I’m reminded of playing the learning game with our small grandchildren; asking What sound does a pig make?  What sound does a cow make?  And we imitate the sounds.  I like to sit outside and listen, when there are no man-made sounds, just to see what I can hear.  It’s usually a very relaxing thing to do.  I say “usually” because listening in the dark can be a little spooky.

The sounds in the above video are actually from the little birds in the feeder nearer to me.  I didn’t hear the grebe make a sound.

Pied-billed Grebe
Pied-billed Grebe

The grebe was aware of me because, every time I walked to get a better shot of him, he swam away.

It made me wonder if they listen to humans?  Would it be as relaxing to them to hear the sounds we make?  I’m sure it would depend on the sounds we are making.  Aside from an occasional saw, our yard is a pretty peaceful-sounding place to me.  I hope the ducks feel the same way and hear more laughter than sadness, more kind words than harsh and more hopefulness than whining.  And I hope if they play the game, “What sound does a human make?” with their young ones, that the sound is a happy one.

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