The weekly photo challenge is: Beginnings

Bald Eagle - 1st year
Bald Eagle – juvenile

This bald eagle is at the beginning of his life; probably 2+ years old based on the amount of white on his head.  His parents have taught him how to hunt and now he (or she) is surviving on his own.

I imagine he still sees his parents as they remain in the same general area.  But they cannot continue to feed their young or they would put themselves in peril.  So, whether he was a quick-study or a slow learner, he’ll eat what he can find on his own.  He was eyeing a dead fish carcass in the Alsea River today.  But he didn’t see it until after the tide came in and it was under water.  If he doesn’t find something else to eat, he knows he can come back here at a lower tide.

A bald eagle’s head and tail feathers aren’t solid white until about the 4th year.  I wonder if that is so adult eagles cut them some slack until they are full adults?

Hhmm – so there IS a lesson here for us humans – both for parents and for children establishing their independence

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